"It is a pain to be average. It is a pain to be wanting. It is unfair in entirety to find a selected few driving Rolls Royce, Bentley and Porsches of the world. Screw Ordinary. Let's change that."  - Abhaya Babbar

Screw Ordinary.

The Mission

Screw Ordinary. is a movement. It is a movement for everyone around the world who is living life of an 'Ordinary'. 

For a greater part of my life, I have lead life of an underdog, living in oblivion where no one knows me, no one recognizes me, few recognize my potential and above all I get forced into living a limited life. 

This is somewhat true for me and allot for millions around us, including you. And this is where we begin.  

The Program

Screw Ordinary. is a focused personal transformation mentorship program that works on inner cleansing, mind evolution, skill building and personal empowerment. 

It is a program that will allow you to build specific traits that instills the DNA of success in you both for life and at work.

It is always wise to have a mentor in life. I seek mentorship myself, why don't you?

Who should attend? 

  • Budding Entrepreneurs who are just starting out. 
  • Young Professionals who have just started out their job/business.
  • Under Graduate/PG Students. 

Screw Ordinary.

The Science (Modules)

 The programs runs with few underlying principles-

  • Energy Fields- Everything we see and feel around is energy. And to get started, we need to get the energy right through inner cleansing
  • Basic Psychology- We see what we want to see. If we see problems, we have problems. If we see ourselves deserving, we will get deserving. It  is all about oneness of self and the environment. 
  • Physiology- The stronger the body, the stronger the mind. Charisma of Command is significant building bloc.
  • Mind-game- It is important to know that it is the habits that make us. Seeding the ground with right foundation is the building block for desired harvest.  

Screw Ordinary.

The Coach

Screw Ordinary. The Movement is the brain child of Abhaya Babbar who is a certified leadership professional with a decade long experience in entrepreneurship and business. 

He has executed multiple projects in Healthcare, IT, Consulting & Retail in India, China, UAE and Srilanka.


He is a second generation entrepreneur with a Masters in International Business & Marketing. 

Trust, Honesty, Hard Work, Self- Discipline, Learning and Management are his hallmarks recommended by many.

More about Abhaya, Download- LinkedIn Profile | Read More

Duration, Fees, Location & Certification

  • Duration- 1 Month Program with 8 Sessions (2 Hour Each)  including Personal Mentoring from Abhaya Babbar. 
  • Fees- C$ 200/- (All Inclusive)
  • Location- Gurugram
  • Certificate of Participation from ABCONIQ on completion.


For more details, send us an email on abhaya@abconiq.com or speak to abhaya on +919818755585


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